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January 22, 2014


Christel Nall

I love to make cards with snowmen, snowflakes, etc. I haven't made very many cards normally a scrapbooker. This class might be pretty good for me to do.


A card class sounds like fun. I could use some practice. I love making and sending pop up cards. They are a little more fun than plain flat cards.

Judy G

I enjoy making 'Guess who is thinking of you' varieties of cards. They work well for elders who may be ill, are momentarily confined to a rehabilitation center or who may reside in a nursing home as well as friends who live far away. By request, I also make stacks othe cards for my teacher/daughter who enjoys writing notes of encouragement to her middle school students and to fellow teachers.

Mel H

I love making birthday cards. They are always fun to create something personal.


I love to make thank you cards because I have so many people to be thankful for in my life! Thanks for a chance to win a spot in this class!

mary l

I love making and sending birthday cards.
Thanks for the chance to win a spot.


I love making cards, but like most I need inspiration and a good kick in the behind to get them made. Unfortunately for me, I've been in need of sympathy cards, it's hard for me to not go overboard for these.

Maureen W.

The cards I make and send most are birthday cards - they're fun and everyone has one!


I kind of like making cards that kind of fit any occasion that pops up when you need a quick card. I find those the most fun to make because I can just craft away with no worries!

Cindy Holshouser

My favorite cards to make have always been Valentines. This looks like a neat class.

Jackie Anderson

I love making Birthday cards. Because they are a celebration of life and longevity.

Marianne Grimbly

I love to make a shabby chic style of card. The occasion doesn't matter so much, it's the style of card that I enjoy making. The class sounds like it would be so much fun! Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

Rebecca Ednie

My favourite type of card to make is for someone I love and who inspires me! Probably not the kind of answer you were expecting but there it is. The kind if person for whom I don't mind using those embellies I've hoarded and papers that are so pretty I am loath to cut into them.

Holly Saveur

I think B-day cards...but like to make them nearly all...sympathy cards I find a bit hard to make....
But a card for someone very special and also in their style and colors is the most makes me always think outside the box..those cards are always the best ones!
I have never done an online class....would love to try it...

Jessica Canham

I like making any occasion cards since they give me more freedom in the stamps I use and the style I can make it in. Thanks for the chance to win!


I love Christmas, or Birthday cards...both are fun and happy :)

Kristen V

I love Christmas, any time of the year.

Anne B

I love making birthday and thinking of you type cards but am sorely lacking in inspiration at the moment. This class sounds like fun. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

susan h.

I enjoy making cards for others to use so I pack up a pile every so often and give them away. I get a lot of requests for cards without sentiment so I do a lot of those but I think I love the "hello" or "thinking of you" cards the most. Thanks so much for the chance to win. I've only been making cards for about a year and would love to learn more!

Phyllis D.

I love to make most varieties of greeting cards, secretly love the compliments I receive. Although most of cards I make now are from kits I have ventured out and gone from scratch; so feel classes would benefit me to ignite my imagination more! My most successful 'from scratch' cards have been Halloween cards for my granddaughter, new babies and Christmas. So I'm sure I could benefit from all types of techniques. The online classes sound great.

Celeste Goff

I probably make more thank you and birthday cards than any others. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be in this on-line course!

Joan VanCourt

I love making cards, in general. I like trying to keep with what is the current trend. But, I am lacking in creativity. Wow, great lineup of teachers for the class. Would love to win a seat. Thanks for the chance.

laura H

ooooh, lovely giveaway. Christmas cards, love making them, and getting them.

Christine Dearinger

I think it would have to be a shabby chic thank you card....I have so much to give thanks for!
Thank you for a chance to win Melissa.


I love making easel cards, people end up keeping the cards so much longer because they are great decorations. Would love a chance to take the class. Keep doing your great blog! Thanks

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