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July 24, 2014


Jo R.

Your post had me giggling to myself Melissa! Hope you survive your swim and can reward yourself with a little chocolate and Coke!


love the tiny envelope!!

Celeste Goff

Great cards Melissa! I really love the shaker card!

jan metcalf

Got to love the lush lips and some great Crate paper! Why would you ever want to leave your creative room to swim down a river, snake river no less.....? What was he thinking? :)

Lisa Dolson

You are so funny, Melissa! Your writing had me laughing - love the Coke and chocolate part - and, yes, you can be snarky about the heat if you want to!

Now about that swim in the Snake River...You are probably very strong and, well, brave for your husband to sign you up for that part. So on that note, YOU GO GIRL!!! Wishing your team the very best!


You're so funny today, girl! I love this sassy side!!

Becky Green

Your BEAUTIFUL CARDS Melissa, have given me a NEW LOVE for vellum! LOOOOOOVE these cards!!!!!!:D AND I don't know HOW you'd swim down river in "Snake River?" DOESN'T sound fun to me!!! LOL DO come home safely!!! :D

Patty O'Malley

Sweet cards, Melis! I love that mini shaker envelope. I don't envy the heat you have this time of year. I'm not a hot weather person and I'm with you in the enjoyment of a storm (of course, as long as no one is hurt in it). Good luck with the swim and triathlon!


FUN cards, Melissa! The sunglasses are cool and I like the ice cream cone. Don't know if you've done the triathlon already. If not, good luck. If so, hope you successfully completed it! :)

Troy Louise

Great cards. Love those sunglasses & the cute kiss border die. As always, your color combinations are the best. Hope you made it through the mini triathlon. At least it should be cooler up in Idaho!

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