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July 18, 2014



Thank you Melissa for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!!! Your designs are always an inspiration & always put me in a mood to play with my craft supplies. Hearts, stars and flowers what every girl wants!!! Would love to use them in my scrapbooking!

Bev Karolak

Fantastic card! Love the embellishments in the kit! Thanks for the chance to win. :)


What makes me happy is when my kids Can play together without arguing. Btw have never been to your blog before, looks interesting. Smile


Being a child of God gives me hope and the love of family and friends makes me happy. Love those yummy embellishments. Thanks for a chance to win.

Melissa Flieg

Great card. Love the great embellishments in the kit. Thanks for the chance to win.

Christine Dearinger

Fantastic cards Melissa!
I love paper and it makes me so happy to just look at my collection and then to be able to cut it and create...what joy!

Patty O'Malley

What a happy card, Melis! Love the glittered sentiment and those enameled hearts. Those doiles and the washi tape in the other photos are so pretty. I just read an article that said, in part, "be grateful for a grateful heart is a joy-filled heart." How true.

Cindy H.

This is such an adorable card, so fun! Love your sweet little flowers. I'm not ususally one for kits but I must say that this one looks like a lot of fun and has so many beautiful and fun embellies in it.

Jennifer Richards

Your blog is so inspiring...You make me think about each day after I have visited your blog and try to make the most of it...You make me smile and for that I thank you.

jan metcalf

You can make any assortment of embellishments come together seamlessly! I am grateful you blog and share your talents with the world!!!

christal mclean

Who cannot live in the greatest country and enjoy the freedoms we have and not feel deep gratitude for our Lord. With all of the unrest in the world today, it brings me to my knees each day in gratitude for another day of safety and peace. I am a "Pintrest" gal and one of my quotes for the day is by Thomas S. Monson:" Don't save something for a special occasion. Everyday of your live is a special occasion". Have a special day today!

Lisa K

My family and friends make me so happy. I'm so lucky to have them in my life. But something that makes me smile is when my cat runs to the door to greet me when I come home. Her purring and unconditional love (she thinks she's a dog) just melts my heart. :)

Judy Hartmann

Great card! I spend my relaxing time watching all of you talented card makers videos. I get so much from them. Card making is my therapy!

Kim Rendino

Just listening to the outside noises this morning is making me happy! A slight breeze blowing through the window, a sprinkler in the neighbors' yard and the birds tweeting. Happiness!

Troy Louise

Such a cheerful card. I love that fabric washi tape. Today, I am thankful for a beautiful summer day to spend with my husband and son. Big Hugs to you.

Judy Stiles

What an adorable kit, and your card really put a smile on my face this morning! Thanks for your generosity! Would be great to win!

Jean R-T

Love your creations!
Walking along the beach in the fog or sun makes me happy, especially if I'm walking with my family!


What a cute kit! Thank you for sharing so much goodness with us! Thank you for a chance to win!!


Beautiful card. I am grateful to be able to start my morning with coffee and inspiration from your site. You always display such cheerful and heartfelt works of art. Gets my happy on.


Love your card, it's so colorful.
"My cup runneth over"


Long road ahead, but 3rd treatment of chemo is done. I'm thankful that I have no nausea. Thank you for the opportunity to win something fun and cheerful! Your projects are always so adorable; I just love all the sweet details.

Becky Green

You just make me SMILE with your CREATIVITY Melissa!!! :D I am HAPPY when I see all these PRETTIES one can get & of course, the INSPIRATION you provide!! All of these little pretties are like LITTLE GEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D


It makes me sooooo happy and I am so grateful for the beautifully gorgeous weather we are having in the Pacific Northwest this summmer! it just makes everything in your day a little easier ,better and brighter! ( And of course your blog and seeing your great talent! Love!)


makes me smile when I stop by and you have an amazing post or giveaway :)

Cindy Otto

###Etsy Shop### Sorry, Melissa, This is the only way I know how to get a hold of you. I ordered one of your $40 Boxes on Etsy for "shabby" style. I noticed the address was wrong. We haven't moved yet, and that is the address they showed. Please send the package to 1229 Shadow Bend. Same street, different number. This is my son's address. Sorry for the confusion. Hope I'm not too late. Thank you.

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