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July 29, 2014



I love that quote, too. Thanks for sharing.


And to add to your thoughts . . . babies grow up way too fast.
Time flies by and you wonder where the days and years went.
Enjoy them while you have them, and be thankful.

Patty O'Malley

Lovely tags, Melis. I love the quote you shared--so true!


I think Dr. Phil called these outbursts, Tall Tantrums, they're just like the ones thrown at 2 and 3, just taller. In case, no one told you, they really do get back to being their true selves, although it takes a while and sometimes you may wonder whether that's true.

It's good to carry a Q-tip around in your pocket to remind yourself to "quit taking it personally." That really helped me to chuckle while muddling through,

Hugs to all the loving mom's out there who are staying the course.


Like both tags! The faded images w/the burlap and trim are great. Throughout my life, wherever I have been, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, my parents have been my constant. All the days that I have lived, through everything including relationships, marriage, step-kids and all that life has brought me, good, bad, happy, sad ... they have always been there ... a soft place to land. I am so blessed that they are still here with me so I get the chance to thank them and tell them each day that I love them. I pray that you and your DH will always be that for your sweet girl. :D TFS Pres. Lee's inspiring words.

Laura Jane

Thank you, Melissa, for the gentle reminder of what is most important in a mother's life:)

Becky Green

BEAUTIFUL TAGS Melissa! Being a parent is a trying job! But, I am finding once they are a little older, that you start seeing how all that hard work has paid off! They start seeing the world differently--it expands beyond themselves! :) HANG IN THERE Dear Lady! All your patience will pay off! :D LOVE the verse you posted!


I have been reading quite a few of your blog posts to catch up. Life has been busy the past few weeks. At first happy very belated birthday wishes; being 40 is wonderful. I can tell you that because I turned 50 last week and that's pretty amazing too :) I always love your posts about being a mother and the stories of your daily life. This one too. Being here always make me smile, thankful and aware that we are living a wonderful life. Thaank you so much for all the words of wisdom.
And your always...they took my breath away..

Jill norwood

Love this beautiful quote and the reminder to treasure these childhood moments! They truly are the best even amid the sometimes difficult moments or circumstances! :)

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