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December 28, 2014




Holly Saveur

I love the thought of a brand new start...but everything goes so very fast..that for me it feels like I am running but never will be able to catch up with it all....
I love Spring and look very much forward to wise...for all the things that this year will bring us..I am always a bit scared..more for the sad things that will come our way...good things are mostly easy to handle.
So hope like you said it is going to be a wonderful year...
Hugs Holly.


All wonderful creations and love your quote at the end. I do look forward to each new year, so excited to see what it holds.

Patty O'Malley

Beautiful projects, as always, Melis! I always love the days leading up to Christmas; but have to admit, I feel a bit of a let down once the holiday is here. I never like New Year's Eve/Day--I guess because it's the official end of the most wonderful season of all. That being said, I am definitely a fall/winter person--love those seasons the most. I do not enjoy the heat and humidity of summer. I guess I'm in a minority in loving the colder weather!


I look forward to your posts every day! Your work is beautiful and your heart is even more special. Thank u for sharing your work and passion with us, it truly is uplifting!! And yes, I agree that thecweek between Christmas and New Years is a little depressing, then I see your posts and it makes me smile!:)


WONDERFUL card, bag, box and tags! Every time I see your projects, loaded with layers and embellishments, I am amazed. When I try to emulate you, mine look like a pile of stuff. Hee, but no kidding! You have such a talent and a keen eye for design, Melissa. If you weren't content making wonderful craft designs, I'm sure you would make a fantastic interior decorator. I'll bet your home is as equally amazing as your crafts. To me, the new year brings hope and another chance to get it right. Each new day is an opportunity to find joy and add a little more happiness to your life. It also brings an opportunity to "grow" more faith ... to trust, to believe. :)

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