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April 23, 2015


Celeste Goff

Love your gorgeous card and tag Melissa! You always do such an amazing job with all of the little details!

Donna M.

Absolutely lovely projects- Melissa, I'd have never tho't of these combos, but each detail is lovely and cohesive. I love them!

Patty O'Malley

Beautiful card and the tag is gorgeous!

Sara S.

Both projects are just amazing. Thanks for all the tips. I'm pulling out some of my border dies and giving this a try.

Jill Norwood

Melissa your card and tag are so beautiful! You have such a lovely design style!!

Jennifer K

Thank you! This is a great tutorial from one of the best in the industry at combining patterns. I'm out of town this weekend but I can't wait to get back to have a go at this.



Nancy Penir

Loved your sharing of these tips. In my book, more is a joy in the world of creating, and you are the greatest at styling more! Thanks for always inspiring!

Donna Ellis

Wonderful tips on creating fantastic backgrounds! Thanks!

Susan Berkhout

Love the variety and creativity. I am going to incorporate these ideas into my mothers day cards this year! Thanks!


Yes Melissa, I enjoyed this card. Thank you for showing it.


Really beautiful!

Pattie Jns

thank you for the inspiration, and detail. beautifully done.


your tag is adorable ! Love the technique - thank you for sharing such good directions

Troy Louise

Thanks for all of the great tips. I'm going to dig out some of those fun border dies. Not sure I can combine the patters as nicely as you do, but I'll try! Happy Weekend.

Holly Saveur

so gorgeous..great tutorial!


Thank you for sharing a unique way to create some interesting borders for cards and tags. I would have never thought of doing this but it just works. Beautiful workmanship - I absolutely love the tag with the cute button!


Thank you for sharing the use of border dies as a background.
I love the detail you put in your cards.

María Alba Negrón

Hi Melissa,

Another AWESOME idea of yours!!!!! I love how splendidly your mind works! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

María Alba

Nancy Guse

This is wonderful Melissa, your tips and tricks are inspiring and your card and tag are absolutely beautiful!!


Your card and tag are lovely, Melissa, as always. What a fun new way to use border dies. I love that you use so many of your stamps and dies in your beautiful art. Spending time with your projects is always fun because there are so many details to discover and ponder.

Janet Wilson

Absolutely gorgeous - your compositions always amaze me and I jut wonder how long it takes you to put them together (and how sweet is that little bird badge) :-)

Thank you for all the lovely photos too!

Nancy M

Melis, thank you for the detailed explanations you shared both here and on the PTI forum. It is so incredibly helpful. Now I need to make a card using all of my border dies.

Eileen Hull

Beautiful as always and great ideas for ways to put the borders to work in another way. Thanks Melis!

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