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July 15, 2015


jan metcalf

I really like your super shine card! Very creative as you are! Also heart Cheer Up!

Diana K

Gorgeous, Melissa! I'm especially loving the colour palette on your Cheer Up card; it's just so soft yet crisp with that bold sentiment.

Cindy H.

Beautiful cards! I especially like the Cheer Up card - it's so soft and pretty!

Mary Beth Krakowski

Wow! These cards are just beautiful, the colors are soft and elegant. The layout is complex but simple at the same time.

Sandy S.

Melissa, I think your blue morning glory card is my most favorite of this whole release!

Holly Saveur

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo GORgeous and them!
so wished I would get a card like that in the mail!

Mary W

Who wouldn't feel better to receive your Cheer Up card?

María Alba Negrón

Hi Melissa,

You've got me mesmerized with this release!!! Is there no end to your imagination? I fervently hope NOT! I was a goner with Vintage Linens and I Adore every single one, specially yours!
Between you and Betsy you were capable of changing my mind about Morning Glory, and what you did and all the little details that you were able so cleverly and creatively to place in each and every single one of this cards is making me exclaim over and over....I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

María Alba

Sheryl Rzetelny

Absolutely beautiful cards. Papertrey, comes through with another unique release!

 Larissa Heskett

Just BEAUTIFUL!! LOVING these Cards!! AMAZING Designs and Layers as usual!! Makes me HAPPY!! =) THANKS for sharng and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

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