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August 12, 2015



Omg Melis, I love your card with the branching out die, and the vellum with the glitter over the cardstock. I zoomed in to check out all the fine details, love it! It's so awesome how you have the ability to take a die and use it in a while different way. Gorgeous as always.

Patty O'Malley

Beautiful cards, Melis!

Holly Saveur

OH in love with your first sweet and soft..
You always amaze me Melissa how you use all the stamps so differently from the always open a new door for me..each your work!
and you!

jan metcalf

An audible aaahhh for your first card! Love every little detail, distressing branches and leaves, layering vellum, brushed off strokes of soft color, little water pearls, your bloomer flower, the button and twine, the sentiment!! This is why I got up this morning, great inspiration I am so grateful for!

Diana K

How on earth did you come up with that first card?!! It's breathtaking with all of its gorgeous details. A work of art and a work of love.


I can't recall any card that you have made that I didn't fall in love with. But, your first card, using the new Branching Out die, is just above and beyond. Thanks for sharing your art.


Oh, my!!! Such soft and gorgeous style! Thank you for inspiration and ideas you give, I must remember how you used the vellum pieces in these.

Nancy Penir

I simply couldn't leave the 1st card, totally smitten! Your work is hypnotic! sigh! The word beautiful just doesn't seem to be enough praise. PS, loved the 2nd card too, subtle beauty that it is, but that 1st one... sigh...

Vicki Smith

I'm speechless with your first card. Your designs are a sight to behold and I just want to take it all in and never stop looking at it because it is so perfect! I am in awe of your talent.

Deborah R

That first card is sooooo beautiful! How did you get the frosty lThankook? If I embossed with watermark ink it would be solid white instead of the lovely frosted look yours has. Would love to learn how you did it. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

Deborah R

Should have proof read! That should be frosty look. not frosty Thankook.

Michele W

Great projects! Love the softness of the first card and the way you used the branching out die. Not sure I could manage such a frosted look with watermark ink. I definitely have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing!


Oh. Wow. Melis, you amaze me!! I love both cards. The second one is so soft - perfect for a dear friend or love!

Kathy Mc

Drop-dead gorgeous card with your frosted leaves, Melissa! You always know just how many elements work well together and've got a work of art. Thanks for the inspiration!


WOW!! Both these cards are STUNNING!! I love how you created such a soft look.

Greta H

You are such a versatile, amazing designed, Melissa! I adore your projects, especially the double layered leaves on your first card! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Pat Ladd

I think your first card is the prettiest I've seen so far from this release. The white embossing is just gorgeous. The velum layer and flower makes it just so, so pretty.

María Alba Negrón

Hi Melissa,

Getting mesmerized once again by your work, ethereal, whimsical and OH so GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

María Alba

Jill Norwood

Melissa you are such an incredible artist! You create such beauty it just makes my heart happy! Both of these cards are so lovely! The combination of textures on the first card is stunning and I love how you used the brushed off stamps vertically from the top in those soft tones! So much loveliness! Beautiful images to start my day!!!

Brithzi Sandy

Wow! Gorgeous, stunning, amazing, etc., etc.

Dee Nussbaum

I couldn't take my eyes off the drop-dead gorgeous first card's leaves! WOW! Your artistic eye took the leaves a whole new direction and I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Krug

Beautiful designs. Love the way you treated the leaves in the first card.

Leslie Scholes

Oh so lovely - ooh aah!


Just love how the embossed leaves came out. Absolutely stunning.

Rachel Jolley

When I saw your first card come up on my email I gasped out loud, this is one of the most beautiful cards I've ever seen, it really is more than a card, it is a masterpiece. I also adore your second card too, you truly are gifted and highly talented.

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