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August 25, 2015



Oh what a beautiful project that you made!! All the bits and pieces, the tag, the clock face, the flowers-just lovely!! Happy 41 too!! I found that I cried when I turned 40 but now that I am 46, I think, with the exception of my weight, I am very happy with ME. I don't try to measure myself against others but love my differences and relish in others creativity/accomplishments/good fortunes. I think that quote is very on point. Have a beautiful night!!


Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts and the nice quote. Your birthday tag is lovely. :)

Holly Saveur

Such a touching post Melissa...
hope you had a great Birthday....
Love your gorgeous sweet and gentle...just like you are....
look very much forward to the SAF love to see what you made...

sherry Anderson

Gorgeous project as always 💖 You sure do have a way with words, what an eloquent statement you made. I love not only looking at your blog, but reading it as well!

susan h.

Happy Birthday! You're so young!and talented!
I was diagnosed with MS at 42 and continued in my career until 4 years ago when I had to leave and go on disability. Sometimes I get frustrated with what I can't do and then I remember, "in all things, give thanks..." And I remember to thank our wonderful heavenly Father for my MS. It has forced me to slow down, give Him the control of my life as He has always had and I had always fought for. I am so very blessed. Enjoy your 40's and relax and enjoy His love.

Patty O'Malley

Beautifully romantic tag, Melis! The words in your post are so true. I don't think you really come into your element until you are in your 40s. I don't mind getting older as there are so many who wish they could have, so I appreciate each day immensely.


How you know you are over 40 is the wisdom that washed over you . By your comments in your post it looks like forty (1) is working for you. Have a happy birthday to someone who's blog really inspires me (in my 40's). Thank you


Beautiful post Melissa. I thought as I read it how God uses you and your story to bless others. Thank you.

Renita M. Godby

Absolutely beautiful post Melissa. Not only your project, but your words as well. Just what my heart and soul needed to hear today; it's amazing how God works in unexpected places and situations. Thank you!


My 40's were the best for me! Wish I could go back. Enjoy these years!

Larissa Heskett

Such an AMAZING Post!! I LOVE your thoughts and you Sweet Birthday Tag!! THANKS so muh for sharing and I Agree with the comment that he gives us each our own Trials and its in how we live and deal with those trials that we Grow in our own LOVE and in the LOVE we have for him and others!! Have a Fabulous Week and I CAN'T WAIT for the FUN of Stamp-a-Faire2015!! Squeal!! ;)


Great post....when i turned 40 i was "upset" for about 30 seconds..i looked next door and inew that my neighbors daughter was 40 and dying from ovarian cancer. I was so happy to be 40! And now i'm 64 and am finally " becoming myself"! Its a good feeling! You take care sweet melissa...

Lisa Dolson

You gave us a lovely talk today, dear Melissa. (I also adore that quote.) I agree wholeheartedly with your friend about aging over 40. It's good to always remember that every person has their own battles whether physical or emotional. I'm in my mid 50's now though I have children only slightly older than your sweet lilybean. And though this time period is bringing us some trials we'd all rather not go through, I'm getting tough and strong and brave and... I'm a happy girl. Sounds like you are too. Good. You deserve it

The prima tag is scrumptous. It always does me good to look at your divine little creations. God has blessed you so...and then you bless us by sharing.

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