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August 11, 2015


Patty O'Malley

What a pretty set of cards, Melis! The drawstring bag is so cute. I love the fall season as well and these sweet stamps are perfect.

jan metcalf

So Grateful for You is an awesome card and Many Thanks IS enchanting!

Donna M.

I do believe you have taken my breath away! What a lovely set of projects to start my day with!


I forgot about the gelato technique -- I liked it when it was featured in a Make It Monday challenge and then promptly forgot all about it. :-) I love the softness of your last card using stamping off and gelato smudging -- so pretty!

Marcie Rhys

You are seriously eroding my will power! These cards are FABULOUS.

Your use of the chicken scratch stamps has finally made me put the set in my cart. And your use of Autumn Rose with the oranges is really floating my boat (which I never thought could happen).

Your last card, with the pumpkins in pink, has me swooning. You and Papertrey are one of the reasons I look forward to fall now. I'll be back each day to be in awe of your arty goodness. Thank you.

Cheryl S.

Absolutely love your Happy Thanksgiving card and the cute little Linen Bag! Definitely adding these stamps to my PTI collection.


Thanks for the beautiful cards. I am always looking for fall card ideas.


your cards and creations get me every time. they are so lovely and fun and autumn is truly my favourite as well!


Your pink pumpkins are my FAVE! There truly isn't anything you can't do with the color pink. ;)

Diana K

So many really sweet autumn projects, Melissa. That drawstring bag and your pink pumpkins are my personal favourities.

Cindy O

Love those pink pumpkins!

Leslie Scholes

Your cards are beautiful & have me thinking outside of the "orange pumpkins" box... Thank you!!

Jamie Vanskiver

Your cards are always so feminine and beautiful!


Beautiful!! It really 'makes' those cute little pumpkins to have the dimension in the middle - nice 3D touch!

Karyn S

More awesome work

Jennifer K

Such sweet and beautiful cards. You showcased the pumpkin set so wonderfully it makes me want to buy it so I can make a "Melissa" card. :)

Jill Norwood

Oh my sweet Autumn Goodness Melissa!!!!! I love fall with all of its coziness and these cards and sweet drawstring bag are making my heart melt! :) Adore them all!

Kristy Schalk

Your cards are always always always so wonderful!! The pink pumpkins are the best!!


I'm not surprised...ok...yes, I, not really...totally amazed as pumpkins...delicious!

Nancy Penir

Adore your pumpkins! Always love when the garden frame comes out, it's so vintage and sets the tone for a big grin. Beautiful!


Well, DUH!!! Of COURSE you had to give us some pink pumpkins...with PINK blossoms!;) Each and every project here is just lovely, Melissa! I KNEW this visit to see Fall products put to use on your blog would be a treat! You didn't disappoint! Thanks for the lovely inspiration!!!

Kathy Krug

I am gobsmacked. What you have done with pumpkins is is is.... I don't have a word for it. I love them all, but your Many Thanks is so elegant, and WOW a single layer. Who knew pumpkins could be so pretty.


You are my hero!! I LOVE all the beautiful projects you made with your pumpkins. The pink card? GENIUS!!! Stunning, stunning designs!!

María Alba Negrón

Hi Melissa,

Oh Melissa, you did it again!!!!!!!!!! Since we don't have season's in Puerto Rico, I decided to wait for your renditions to buy this one, don't get me wrong I was going to buy it regardless, just because you were the focal point inspiration, but I would have waited till next month. Now I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!!!!!
I do have a word for your work, I invented it and have been using it only with PTI designers, but specially with you, your work is SCRUMPTILICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! It is the combination of Scrumptious and delicious, and YES you are welcome!!!!!!!!

María Alba

Michele W

Love the pink pumpkins. So much creativity. I really loved all your designs. Thanks so much for sharing!

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