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August 11, 2015


Troy Louise

Wow! These are all amazing. I knew you would do some great things with the new chicken scratch paper - the pumpkin cut with it is adorable! And, your pink pumpkins are so pretty. Thanks!


OMG! Love those pink pumpkins! I never would have thought about that! They are so soft and pretty. You make single layered cards look "layered". You are a genius! (I think I've used that word to describe your designs a few times before.) :)

Brithzi Sandy

Gorgeous projects. Loved them all. Oh, what talent!!


LOVE your pink shades pumpkin card! Creative, lovely. Great new pumpkin dies/stamps, sentiments and papers. Great work on the cards and bag. :)

jan butler

Great surprise with the last card in pastel colors. Really cool.

Paula P. Reif

As always, your cards are just beautiful! Love the details!

Pat Ladd

Who would ever think to make pink pumpkins? I love the look--almost vintage looking, so pretty.

Celeste Goff

What gorgeous projects Melissa! Fall is my favorite time of the year and these projects make me long for it even more!


Hi Melis, the last card in this post reminds me of an article In Martha Stewart's magazine, she took Funkins pumpkins and decorated each one of them in a different way. Of ocoarse I ran right out to buy all the supplies to try and re create them, they did come nice I have to say. I love Halloween and Fall it's my favorite time of year. Decorating is my thing, I never struggle with ideas for the house, but I always struggle when it comes to inspiration to make a card. Thats why I tell you all the time you amaze me with your cards, your like a painter with a canvas, lol. Thanks for inspiring.

Holly Saveur

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the last so gorgeous..and so fragile....such another take with the pumpkins..and so much more beautiful than the normal colors...

Becky Green

Your first card is SO WARM & COZY for the upcoming cool weather, Melissa!!!! I LOOOOVE FALL!!!! BUUUUUT, your second card, WOW!!!! I LOOOOOVE the PINK PUMPKINS & the vine you've added to the top! FABULOUS JOB, dear lady! ;)

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