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August 29, 2015


Colleen Kirchberg

I am sorry, but I LOVE the rejected card! LOL! They are both gorgeous and look amazing!

Shari Arbogast

Very beautiful cards. The color scheme on both is just stunning. Thank you for sharing.

Mary W

So easy to toss one we don't like. So hard to learn from it and do over. Congrats!

Donna K

you're so funny - the first card is beautiful. But if it doesn't speak to you, it's not right. I think both cards are very pretty. It's a good exercise to take a second look at our rejects.

Jill Norwood

I like these both very much Melissa but I can also identify with having watercolor projects not turn out the way I have envisioned!! Lol! It is definitely trial and error for me!!!


I just love the Choose Joy set you designed! Not just the words but the embellishments are so lovely too. I hope to see more designs from you at PTI!

Annie Dill

Bless you for sharing what you didn't like along with a new attempts I do like both cards and fully relate to something turning out unlike what we want.

Patty O'Malley

I think both cards are lovely, Melis!

Nancy Penir

Ummmm, what's wrong with the 'beast'? Looks pretty to me. But your 2nd is a 'Melissa pastel' for sure. And I love the addition of the bling bow, which I've come to adore about your creations. If I forgot to tell you, really like the 1st one too!


I also really like your first card, even though I like your second card too. I understand redoing a technique though because throughout these challenges I have had some nice cards made with some techniques that I wasn't proud of and need to work more on.

Becky Green

Hi Melissa! I LOOOOVE that first card! I didn't even notice anything wrong with it! ALL of your cards are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Dorothy C.

I have a hard time with watercoloring too. I will definitely try your way. I would love to have the 'choose joy' sentiment as a separate die cut. Thanks!

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