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December 13, 2015


Anita Trippi

I love the way you made this more feminine. Beautiful job!

jan metcalf

You have a fresh way with Farm Fresh in pink! Love it!


I love the colors you used, so pretty!


Adorable in pink,Melissa! Beautiful projects!

Holly Saveur

super sweet card!

Jennifer T

The cutest farm ever!

Deb H

First time I'e seen a barn on a heart. It works. A great idea

Linda D.

I think the Barnyard set looks good with the pinks. Love the topper; great job!!

Patty O'Malley

Oh, how sweet these are!

Jill Norwood


María Alba Negrón

Hi Melissa,

Girl, you have done the impossible! I have ALWAYS prided myself in being a city girl through and through. In fact, when my darling father upon his retirement told me that he was going to live in the country where he had an acre that his father left him, the words I uttered back,regretfully for within a year he died in an automobile accident, were, that will be the last time you'll see me because I refuse to go to the country, we called it campo.
Forward 30 years and you have converted me! The only regret is that my father is not around to see it, he would have gotten a kick out of it!

María Alba

Cindy Gratton

I always love your style and the colors you use in your work! I think this would be perfect for those country friends and also perfect for Valentine's Day as well!

Patricia Ladd

Cute "out of the box" use of the farm set. I especially like the stitching around the heart.

Leslie Scholes

Who says pink & barns can't go together?? Too cute!

Celeste Goff

What a gorgeous treat bag! Love the pink and the 3-D barn!


Hi Melis, only You can make a farm feminine and beautiful, lol. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring.


clever idea love it

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