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January 09, 2016


Sue S

I love the brushed blooms-it looks like you painted them yourself.

jan metcalf

Your brushed blooms are beautiful, the tiny stamping images on the right really highlight the card!!

Natalie Winterstein

Gorgeous! Lovely cards

Patty O'Malley

What a pretty card, Melis! Love that birdcage and the flair button. Yes, children do grow up too quickly. It's a whole range of new emotions for them that last awhile. Patience and love are the keys.

Holly Saveur

So Gorgeous...
So true what you tell...I could have told you the same about my two boys..28 en 24 now...

Jill Norwood

My little one is at the same stage....growing so fast....too fast for my heart. Beautiful card and quote.... :) Jill

Becky Green

I LOOOOVE flowers ANYTIME of the year! LOL Your card is GORGEOUS, Melissa!!! I am ALWAYS LOOKING for flower stamps! They're basically TIMELESS & can cover a variety of occasions! ;) You are NOT alone with your daughter! Ours is in her 20's & we still deal with the attitude! LOL But, with talking & hugs, understanding & love & believing the best in each other, we help each other grow! The learning for either of us is NEVER DONE! ;) (((BIG HUGS!)))


J'adoooore, it's very beautiful. Bravo Mélissa. Big Kiss. Cécile.

Diana K

It couldn't be prettier, Melissa. J'adore aussi.I have grandchildren who are already rolling their eyes at me so, yes, I know of what you speak only too well. P.S. I'm saving up my pennies for those bracelets, no thanks to you!

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