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February 05, 2016


Vicki Finger

I love your new card so much! Gorgeous!


Absolutely, positootly beautiful, Melissa! You always amaze me and I'm glad we get to keep seeing your PTI inspiration this year!!

Donna M.

I love your new card, guess you're gonna make me get that pretty stitched primitive heart die! And I remember the Brushed Blooms card. In fact, I thought it was so pretty, I had to make a few & send them out. Thank you, as always, for your inspiration & encouragement- looking forward to another PTI year!

Polly Lemire

Melissa, my best friend and I have a code word for a card that either of us makes with lots of layers, embellishments and feminine style: "its a Melissa card"! You always inspire us to take a card to the next level.


Oh, Melissa...I LOVE, love, LOVE that first've really made the colors shine on it! And I adore the shape of that heart die. It was out of stock the last time I was able to make a purchase, I think. You always make me wish I had it! Just saw the 14 day challenge, on the previous post, I think. How wonderful...thanks for sharing it! And thanks for your continued one of a kind inspiration!!!

Cindy H.

Your card is just so lovely and sweet, Melissa! So glad you will continue on PTI's DT this year! BTW, you make the most delicious bows, ever!

Linda Lander

As usual...never disappointing... thank you for your style


Stunning!! I love everything you create!!

Nancy Penir

Thank you! 1st for always inspiring, and 2nd for bringing to life my favorite style of card making. It's a present to my soul with every visit to your blog! Beauty, joy, eye candy and deep friendly kindness! What a gift to all of us!

jan metcalf

Brushed Blooms will always be one of my favorite PTI sets as well!! Your color combos surprise and delight!!


I follow you all the time. Lovely cards

Kathie B

I love what you've done with the flowers!

Mary Lee

Oh my gosh!,,, Beyond beautiful .....your talent is huge!,,

Diana K

For a person who loves to look at pretty things, your blog (and you, of course) is literally a godsend. Thank you so much, Melissa.

Marlena M

Your cards are beautiful and so are you. ;) I love to watch your videos and hear your sweet voice. Thank you for your continued inspiration~

Deb Hudson

You and your work are very special. I love visiting your blog. I have learned a lot about layering and color from you. I look forward to more. thanks a bunch

Holly Saveur

Well Melis what can I say..always love your cards and you are my most favorite DT member from PTI..just love all you make..the colors the softness sweetness of it all....
so Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your inspiration and all your sweet sharing's of your life..ideas..and quotes..
And the sweet e-mails you send to thank me for leaving a makes my day each time too..
Hugs Holly.

María Alba Negrón

Hi Melissa,

Oh my, you are a girl after my own heart! What an AWESOME and inspiring piece of ART!!! Because let's say it out loud... ART comes in various forms, and what you do, although in a smaller scale is absolute ART! As far as I am concerned you bring me much more joy with your artistic creations than Picasso with one of his paintings! Thanks for bringing sunshine into my life!

María Alba


Beautiful card , love your new one with the heart.

Patty O'Malley

Beautiful, softly feminine cards! Love them, Melis!

Janice Marcham

What a beautiful card, Melissa! Your work is such an inspiration to me and so many! I am so glad you will be part of the PTI DT again this year. Your blog is the first one I look at during release time, and every other day of the month! I just love your style and grace! I am looking forward to another wonderful year of beautiful projects and from the heart blog posts. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with so many! God bless!

Marilyn in Michigan

I am always inspired by your pretty cards, Melis! So glad I can look forward to another year of your inspiration.

see mary stamp

Melissa - not only are your projects inspirational but your blog posts as well. Thank you for both. Your designs are one-of-a-kind and I'm so grateful that you are part of the PTI Design team. Wishing you a joy-filled 2016.


Wonderful card, Melissa! Nice design, colors, patterned papers, stitched heart and other stitches, flowers. I love the way you combine design elements and bring them all together to make your always awesome cards! :)

Sandy M

Both cards are adorable but I think I love the stitched heart cart the most. Love your story about the "of" being left out of one of your cards.

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