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February 11, 2016


Mel H

I love my husband and we will be married 25 years in a few months. He always makes me laugh.

Ruthie Armstrong

Love the pretty jars you make! I Love my Mother dearly. She is 91 years old and I am blessed to still have her near me. Oh how we do enjoy our outings. Thank you for a chance to win your jar. Loves, Ruthie

Debra Gibson

I love your pretty artwork! And so love this jar!!! Thank you for the chance to be in this giveaway!!

Debra Gibson

I would have to say my husband because he is such a great husband and provider for his family, he works very hard and doesn't ask for much in return. I think he's a wonderful and courageous man. We have been together for 20 wonderful years! I feel very blessed!


I love my 3 sons because they are my life.


I have to say both of my parents. I can't pick one over the other. I have been so blessed that God gave me to them. It's getting to that time of life that my sister and I are starting to take care of them now and time if flying by and I wish it would slow down.

Connie G

Of course it is hard to pick one person so I just have to say my family. They mean the world to me. What a special giveaway !!!

Cindy Holshouser

I have to go with my mom. I'm adopted so I have a very close bond with my family, more so than most people i know. My mom has been the best and I cannot imagine how my life might have gone without her. I recently did a DNA test thru Ancestry just to learn more about my ethnicity. It scared me to see all of the 'matches' pop up because I don't want to meet anyone that is biologically related. I have my family and I love them to pieces:) The jar is gorgeous.


Such a pretty jar:) Always love your projects! I am still so in love with my husband of 34 years. He has had many health issues over the years including several strokes and open heart surgery yet he stays positive loving and upbeat and we go to bed each night holding hands:)

Pam Hollie

My best friend, her Mother in Law has lived with her and her husband for 2 years and her health is now declining and she will soon pass. My friend is such a caring, giving person. If I win this, I'll give it to her.
Everything you create is so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

Teresa Currie

Great love for my dear husband of almost 40 years, who works so hard every day, my dear son working so hard in medical school and his delightful family and my dear daughter working so hard as a paramedic. My family, my life, my heart. <3

Marcia Hill

God has blessed me with a wonderful family...a loving husband, 3 beautiful daughters, 2 fantastic son in laws, and a FABULOUS 17 month old granddaughter, who is just such a joy to my husband and me! I love following your blog are SO creative! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet little family!! :0)

Iris Shubert

Hi Melissa, I follow you and especially love your projects. I first saw your thru PTI. I believe I would know your projects anywhere. I love your vintage/shabby style.I love my daughter, she has such courage in the midst of struggles. She is remarkable, my hero :)


Nice gold jar and what a wonderful tag full of delightful design elements. You just have such an incredible talent for taking this, that and other things and putting them together to make works of art! I have to give a shout out to my loving parents. They have always been there for me. After my husband passed away I got sick and they stepped in. Their love, care, concern, hugs, and all, mean the world to me and so do they! :)

Rema DeLeeuw

This is awesome Melissa! Fabulous giveaway. I would have to say my family. They mean the world to me.

Cindy Otto

Who do I love the most? This is such a difficult question. My husband does so much for me, my 4 boys, who make me so proud for bring hard working wonderful fathers to my 13 amazing, loving grandchildren. They are such caring, creative, funny little people who fill my life with such joy. God has blessed me so much and I'm thankful for all of my family! Thank you for sharing one of your beautiful creations.

Jennifer Schmidt

Such a sweet idea! So many to pick from, but my dear grandmother has been heavy on my heart this week. At 92 years of age and a newfound diagnosis, I fear her time here with us is winding down. Trying to focus on how blessed we've been to have had so many wonderful, healthy years with this beautiful soul and reflecting on all the ways she's enhanced my life and the many memories I get to hold close to my heart. Thank you for the chance to win one of your gorgeous creations!

Sandy C.

Another beautiful creation to inspire us! I'm going to say that you are a special person to me. I love my new hobby and love looking to different designers for inspiration, but you are my very favorite! Maybe one day I will be able to create such lovely cards. Thank YOU!

Becky Green

WHAT a BEAUTIFUL JAR!!! This is something I need to try to. These jars seem to be SO POPULAR!! ;) Someone I love? That would be my hubby! I know others don't like to hear it but he is my Knight in Shining Armour! The Lord brought him into my life JUST WHEN I NEEDED HIM & we became friends & fell in love & have been together now 30 years in October!:D We're STILL IN LOVE & have raised our two BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN together. They are the other ones I DEARLY LOVE!!!! It doesn't get much better than this! My hubby encourages me in WHATEVER I enjoy doing & I encourage him too. Our goal when we married was to live into old age together & give our children the life we didn't have growing up, a family base that was as near "normal" as possible! (Of course you know, the only thing "normal" is the setting on the washing machine! LOL) :D HOPE you have a Valentines weekend that is FILLED WITH LOVE from those YOU LOVE!!!! And CHOCOLATE! ;)

Katherine Lee

Your jar looks so lovingly made, it is beautiful!
I would have to say my Mother is the Someone. It was very hard growing up with her and I couldn't wait to get away from home, but now it is thirty years later and she has been so good to me...we are both sorry for the early years and now she couldn't be more kind and supportive of me...she is a wonderful Mom. She is 84 and not doing very well healthwise but I am so grateful she and my Dad are still with us.
The stories of Love here are so beautiful and touching.


Glad you clarified the love with "dearly"...that narrows it down to my sweet hubby who always supports me and never once has rolled his eyes on the 15th of every month (hehehe)!

Sandy Young

I love my husband. He is the sweetest. He does so much for me without me having to ask him.

Troy Louise

What a beautiful jar & tag.I love my first mother-in-law dearly. Even though her son & I divorced many years ago, she has remained a very close friend. Of course, she is my son's Grandmother, but beyond that she has been a surrogate Mom to me as my own Mother died when I was 28.She is always there for us & we have so much fun together. I've been blessed to have a sweet 2nd mom-in-law too. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

Kristy Schalk

It's so easy to say kind things about my husband, he is simply the kindest soul I know! And I love him with all my heart!!
Happy Valentine's Day to you Melissa!

jenni farnes

it is so hard to narrow it down to one person, when there are so many who hold huge places in my heart. i guess if it had to be one person, right would be my daddy, who died two years after our 11-year-old son was killed. he is just the kind of person who knew an 11-year-old boy was likely struggling...even being where he is...without his family. my daddy left and i have no doubt that those guys are the dynamic duo of heaven. i am a daddy's girl and i miss him every day. every one...right along with my son. thank you for the chance to win something made by those incredibly talented hands of yours. happy valentine's day.

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