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July 15, 2016


Holly Saveur

gorgeous cards!

Jan metcalf

What is done in love is well done! Vincent said it best!

Becky Green

BEAUTIFUL MELISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Jill Norwood

Gorgeous cards Melissa! Love the sweet felt heart and leaves in the box. Great idea!!! Big hugs my dear!!! :)

María Alba Negrón

Hi Melissa,

I am so sorry that you don't feel quite yourself today!
If this will put a smile in your face so be it! I will GLADLY switch places with you ANYTIME, even the not so good ones!
If I lived near you I would rush there with a box of homemade cookies and beverages and we would trade stories and stamp 'till the cows came home!
Once again I used my oxygen tank before I saw your blog!
And Once AGAIN, you render me SPEECHLESS with your STUNNING Creations!
Hoping great things for you my friend,that's what you deserve!

María Alba

Patty O'Malley

Wonderful projects, Melis! When you feel down, keep thinking of all your blessings.

christal mclean

This is a day late but I had to comment upon your saying you weren't quite yourself that day. It's funny as I always see you as happy, full of life, love and joy. I am glad your card crafting brings much needed happiness. I loved the stitched heart with leaves. It made me think of the movie "Castaway" and the flying wings. Yours looks like a heart taking flight and lifting upwards! I hope tomorrow being a new day will again have your heart lifted, lovely lady!

Cely (Carolina Girl)

FABULOUS CARDS!!!!! Love the softness and some what vintage in the first and love the strong lines in the last with the added heart felt.

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