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October 15, 2016



Perfect wrap up projects for the release. I love the muted non-traditional colors in the 2nd card (although I think pink IS a Christmas tradition for some of us!)Thanks for the additional inspiration.

jan metcalf

Beautiful cards, especially love the pink and red!!

Holly Saveur

LOVE pink..gorgeous cards!


Your card is the perfect balance of gold, pink, and green. I really love the pastel colors together and the gorgeous embellishments you used. Such a lovely card!

Jill Norwood

Love how you colored the poinsettias! Your cards are both so very beautiful! Thanks for sharing such wonderful inspiration!

María Alba Negrón

Hi Melissa,

I am SPEECHLESS and for me that is a LOT to say(not say?)!
Your renditions are SPLENDOURIFIC!!!! Another of my invented words, the fusion of splendid and terrific, and you are welcome my friend!
But you got me in a conundrum , because you see, I had all my order tailored to what I can afford and those two sets were not on it,just for the fact that I thought,SILLY ME, that I could use other PTI sets instead, but more important than that I have ENOUGH of Christmas stamps,so many that I have not used some from last year release! And now you have prove me wrong!
Although I REALLY LOVE YOU, I have to stick to my principle of being an ecumenical blamer, so to be fair, Betsy,Kay and you are going to be blamed for my lack of finances until my SS kicks in again! And I say that with a LOT of love for you Gals!

María Alba

Nancy Penir

OMG, Melissa! These are 'case' worthy!!! Wasn't going to get the Botanicals, but Melissa changed my mind! Must have!!!

Mary K. Parker

Your Hope card is my favorite. I love the block being off center.

jenni farnes

i'm always crazy for your cards and all your work...i am always so inspired! can you please explain how you got that beautiful double bow on your HOPE card? omigosh...i always love the bows you put on cards and mine don't look anywhere as beautiful as yours do. would you mind doing a tutorial on bow tying and also how you did that double bow fantasticalness on that hope card? please?


Hi Melis, I love what you did with the embossing and zigs, it's gorgeous. The wreath with pink pine and jewels is beautiful. A little pink on anything is perfect, lol. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring.

Becky Green

BEAUTIFUL WORK MELISSA! I LOOOOVE IT when you mix Pink in with Christmas! LOL You've got me doing it now! ;)

Patty O'Malley

Beautiful cards!

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