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February 10, 2017


jan metcalf

Love to your beautiful friend Melis!


Absolutely wonderful!

Chris Handy

Gorgeous card to show your love and support for your friend, Jen.


Beautiful card Melis! There's nothing better then positive thoughts and good friends that live and care for you. Sending positive thoughts your way Jen!!! Thanks for sharing and always inspiring my friend.


Lovely card to boost Jen up!


Beautiful card and beautiful support for Jen!

Teresa Doyle

A beautiful card for a beautiful lady!


Lovely colours & sentiment as well. This will encourage Jen, I'm sure.


gorgeous card- love the die cut background- Jen is sure to love it!

Deborah Kaye

Fabulous card and wonderful hop!


Awesome card.

We love you, Jen, and we send you plenty strength !


Love your card.

Jud Estrada

Melissa- a beautiful card! Stay positive Jen & prayers in place!

Lori Ellen

Jen's inner beauty must shine for all! Keep her smiling, that will make the path easier. Bless the both of you. Beautifully inspiring card, dear.

Patty O'Malley

Beautiful card! Prayers for Jen!

Nancy M

Once she finishes crying (from happiness), Jen is sure to be uplifted from all the prayers and encouragement. This is a charming card, Melis.

Cynthia Cole

Jen will love it!

Nancy Penir

Lovely card and tribute to Jen, Melissa. Just looking at this beautiful card will put a smile on her face! You're the sweetest!


Such a sweet card, I know it will encourage her. Great job!

Chelle Pokorney

Love this card and pastels.

Jennifer Schmidt

Beautiful card Melissa! Sending lots of prayers and love Jen's way. Sounds like she is well fortified with an amazing, positive spirit, knowledge, willpower, and great friends like you!

DenaAnn Schaufele

I wish we could stamp out cancer for good. It has affected to many loved ones.

Ericka Strange

Beautiful card and I love the soft colors you used. Such a beautiful way to inspire Jen!


Your card is so soft and expressive! Prayers for Jen!

Sue LD

Very pretty with the rows of hearts and the flowers. Wonderful message for Jen.

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