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June 19, 2017


jan metcalf

Loving all the berries on your recent projects!!! Can't wait until mine arrive!

Susan Mac Donald

so cute! it's wrapped up so nicely I can hardly see the actual box. I really enjoy your posts!

Patty O'Malley

What an adorable box! I love that lacy bow on the first one.

Kathy Mc

Cute little boxes all wrapped up using layers upon layers and even your fabulous "junk" bow! Hope you are enjoying some much needed vacation time since you haven't posted in two weeks. You are truly missed!


Hello dear Melis, just checking my friend how are you? Hope everything is ok, long time without post from you! i do not see your photo with MFT anymore.
So, just checking and sending hugs and blessings.


Likewise concerned about you, Melissa. Hope all is well with you and your family. Also do not see you at MFT and Reverse Confetti. Miss your lovely posts.

Cindy Otto

Hope you are enjoying your summer with your family and all is ok. Miss your posts on PTI, MFT, and Reverse Confetti. Praying for you. Hurry back.

Chris Biljan

Hi Melissa,

Like the others I've really missed your posts on PTI - miss your inspiration! Hope all is well with you and your family and that you're just taking some time off. Looking forward to your return!

Janice Marcham

Hi Melissa,
I really miss seeing all of your wonderful inspiration! I hope and pray everything is all right, and that you are just enjoying the summer with your daughter and family. You are in my thoughts.

Nancy G

Hi Melissa,

You are missed more than you will ever know! Hope all is well and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. You have such a wonderful gift of style and goodness. Take care and hope to see you back sooner, rather than later :)

Susan from Colorado

Melissa I'm starting to worry about you...I hope and pray you are on a wonderful vacation with loved ones. Hoping all is well in your part of the world. Know that you are missed.

Marisela Delgado

Like everyone else, I miss you and your beautiful creations. I hope you are well and just off on some fabulous vacation somewhere. I hope you will return soon. YOU ARE MISSED. YOU ARE LOVED. Come back soon.


Dear Melissa, I hope you are having a good summer and and that everyone in your family is well. You're very missed around here!! Your beautiful creations, your sweet stories, but mostly your kind and warm presence...I hope everything is ok and that you'll return soon! Sending BIG hugs!

Kathy K

Hi, Melissa. I hope something wonderful is happening in your life and that's why you haven't posted. Like everyone else has commented, I really miss your kind and upbeat posts - and your beautiful creations. Hope you come back soon. Sending you good thoughts and hugs!

Angie V

Hello Melissa,
I too,follow your blog and very much miss your awesome posts and pictures! I hope that all is well with you and your family. Come back soon!


What has happened? Dear Lord I pray that you and yours are okay. Please let us know if you're okay. If not, we can pray specifically for whatever you need. Love and miss you. ❤️


Your beautiful posts are missed. I will pray that all is ok with you and yours. Hope to see you back soon.


Hello Dear One, I miss your posts. I am praying for you and your family.


Melis, one month later and no news from your side, we miss you like a lot! Hope to receive news from you very soon!, but specially i hope you and yours are ok!!
Hugs and prayers!

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