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July 06, 2018


jan metcalf

These little cards are so very sweet with my favorite pretty birds!! Love this Melis!!!!


Thanks for sharing these minis. They are so lovely--a great idea. I have these brushed birds so I can't wait to try some of these ideas!

Holly Saveur

so sweet!

Kathy Mc

These are adorable, Melissa! No wonder those Brushed Birds are so hard to keep in stock as they stole the show here.


Beautiful as always!

Nancy Penir

Well, I'm in love... can't wait to create my own sweet minis. Loved every darling detail you included!

Stephanie Clapper

Hi Melissa! You know, I think I could pick out your cards just about anywhere. No one makes a more delicate, feminine style. These are so sweet and pretty. I love all of your posts, but this one reminds me to use my stamps for backgrounds. Why do I forget? Have a beautiful, blessed day! :)

kathy h

These mini cards are wonderful! I haven't made an off-sized card in quite a while but you inspire me! The brushed birds are my favorite recent PPT product and are on the top of my wish list.

Becky Green

HOW BEAUTIFUL, Melissa! I LOVE the idea of mini cards! AND you've reminded me a few of the sets I still haven't been able to get too!!! LOL JUST BEAUTIFUL! Those birds ARE WONDERFUL!! ;)


LOVE the small cards! What a great idea! I will have to make some.


the birds are so sweet, they are on my wish list :)

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