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February 18, 2019


see mary stamp

I posted this comment on the PTI blog, but am posting it here as well. I've never known anyone who can layer bits and pieces from various sets to create such stunning cards! I have the Tulip Time and Dots stencil so definitely will give this technique a try. The Fine Linen on the stems and other flowers really adds some subtle interest to the overall background. Just beautiful! Wishing you a week full of sunshine!

Rachel Jolley

Just utterly gorgeous, as always. Thank you so much for your thought process and step by step, I really need this at the moment, crafting has been difficult to say the least!

Vicki Finger

Your creations are always such a breath of fresh air! Another absolutely lovely card!

Jennifer Haywood

When I think of beautiful textures, layering,color, the queen of cardmaking, and all things crafting... I think of you, and have done so for over 10 years I have been following you! I haven't stepped foot in my craft room for almost 5 years because of a very personal experience that happened in there so many years ago. I miss it so much and every time I want to be inspired and remember the joy I once had being creative, I simply hop over to your page, and every time without fell- I smile so big! This card had quite an effect, it made me smile but also my eyes filled with tears of joy because your work is that beautiful! This card though has brought me a special kind of joy because it made me think of my amazing Mother! Her favorite flavor is a tulip, her favorite color yellow, and oh I miss her so much! This card makes me think of her and remember the joy and sunshine she brought in every person life she would meet. When I think of her, the word refinement fits her perfectly... linen napkins at every meal, ironed placemats and matching pottery. Fresh cut flowers on the table from her zen garden. Thank you for making me smile this morning! My favorite card to date! That's a lot of cards I have seen of yours! Bravo💛🌾🌾🌾⚘

Francie M.

This is amazing! Your color combinations are always so perfect, and the process to create the base - yes!! Thanks for sharing your creative genius Melissa - you make Mondays fun!!

Greta H

Had to stop by & tell you how much I love this week's project, Melissa--can't stop looking at it! Yellow is not even a color I'm usually drawn to, but this card is just stunning! I absolutely love how you made the background with layered stamping & stenciling--gotta try that! Your color combos always inspire me & that's true again today! Wishing you a beautiful week--storms or not!

Becky Green

THANK YOU, Melissa for showing us JUST HOW to layer up a BEAUTIFUL card the way you do! This technique has been going OVER & OVER in my head this week! I HAVE TO SIT DOWN & try it! You've created a LOVELY CARD!!! I'm WISHING for Spring too! ;)

Stephanie Clapper

Hi Melissa ! This has been a super busy week for me, but remembered your post on Mondays. How are you feeling sweet lady? I sincerely hope you’re doing ok. I want to thank you for sharing your step by step process. It’s a lot of photography on your part but it’s very helpful. It’s helped me to put creating cards into perspective by breaking it down, if that makes sense. Also, I have to admit - it’s hit me very hard, that many of the designers left, and all at once. I’ve followed all of you for so long that it became a part of my life. I know artists need to grow, but I still miss them so much. I can only imagine how it’s hit you. That’s why this comes with a special thank you. For your awesome Monday posts and BEAUTIFUL cards to your generous spirit. Please take good care of yourself. You’re in my heart and in my prayers. Hugs, Stephanie. 😊

Lisa Dolson

Oh, such a sweet card, Melissa. It has all of the elements I love about your cards...soft dreamy colors, lots of lovely layers, beautiful and ingenious stamping, tiny sparkles and accents....oh so many things. LOVE this card! I'm so glad you are still creating and sharing. Thank you!

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