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August 15, 2019


Lisa Schenck

Yay! Melissa, I'm so happy you're back!!!!! You are such a blessing to the world, and we absolutely love seeing your creations!!!!!

Denise Perhay

Melissa, you just made my day! Thank you for sharing today. Your cards are Glorious. So happy to see your Blog light up today. I have missed you! Hugs.


Hi good to get a blog update from you..LOVE your cards!! (Hope all is well?)


There is no one who creates like you and I am so happy to see you’re back!!! I absolutely adore all of the cards you have created but the apples in the basket are my fav. Can you tell us how you created the look? Abundant joy, Sue

Cindy Otto

Sweet Melissa, so glad to see your beautiful cards, again. Missed seeing your wonderful creations. Love the bucket of apples bag. Bless you.

Jan Francis

I agree with all the others, SO happy you’re back. Hope all is well and God bless you and yours!

Georgia Tuttle

I have checked your site for months never giving up that you would be back with your wonderful creativity! Thank you so much for sharing your time and thoughts with all of us! Georgia Tuttle

Rachel Jolley

Oh happy day, all those gorgeous goodies from you!!! How truly fabulous to see you again today, so very thankful indeed, especially as having a bit of a difficult day here. I cannot tell you just how much I love and adore all your creations, you are my absolute muse. God Bless you abundantly ♥️

ann hubble

Oh Melissa, I am so thrilled to see your lovely work again. I've missed your beautiful skills. I knew something wasn't right and whatever it is I wish you the absolute very best.Take care of yourself, sweet lady.


So happy to see you and your gorgeous creativity back on your blog. Have always admired and enjoyed all your art and blessings shared.
Take care of your self and Gods blessings to all of your family!

Marisela Delgado

Yay!I am so happy to see you again. I was so worried that I would never hear from you. You rock, Melissa.

Dawn Z

I am so happy to see your lovely cards today. Those purply leaves are soooooo pretty! Love your style.

Francie Meng

Wooooohooooo! We’ve sure missed you girl! SO happy to see your blog post and wonderful cards! Take care of yourself. 😘

Louise Dubord

It is so nice to have you back. Sometimes, life throws challenges at us and we have to focus our energies on dealing with them. You were missed and are welcomed back with pure joy. Your sensitivity shows in your creations, it is rare and precious and speaks to my soul. Sending you strength. Thank you. ♥️

Elaine Cook

I am so happy you're back!! I've really missed your beautiful cards and your creativity. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

Jillian Norwood

Melissa so lovely to see your posting on your blog again. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers! Big hugs!


It’s great to see you back! You have been greatly missed.

That birdie card is absolutely adorable.



I'm so grateful you are back! No one creates like you -- I've been a HUGE fan! You've been so very missed and loved by many, including me!Heartfelt hugs and prayers to you!


I'm so happy you are back Melissa. You have a really special talent. Thank you for sharing.

Christine Miller

I have missed your blog posts and have tried to keep up on IG. It is GREAT to have you back, and I hope you will be able to create and share often. You are just the sweetest, and I love seeing your cards. Your talent is so special, and seeing your work is both an inspiration to me and a big help when making shopping choices. I so enjoy seeing your special take on how to use stamps and dies, and always enjoy a visit to your blog, especially when time doesn't allow me to craft like I want to. It is a pleasure to come here and just take a look!

Heidi Gonzales

So happy to see you back creating and to see you enjoy the process again. You were dearly missed by many! I thought of you often while you took some time off and selfishly hoped you would be able to return, but really prayed that if and when you did that you would find the joy I know you get making cards and packaging. So happy for you.

Teresa C


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