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June 21, 2009



The mini album is absolutely adorable! What a precious keepsake for Sierra! The cake sounds yummy - a must make! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Beautiful!! Love the whole feel of it. YUMMY cake recipe, my MIL made chocolate dump cake for my hubby and we are still recovering, lol. Thanks for sharing!!




Love the mini album, a wonderful memory album and a great way for include all that you love.
Happy stitching, P


This album is stunning!!! And the cake sounds yummO!!!

Lisa Hjulberg

Wow, Melissa, what a beautiful book! A real treasure, especially for your daughter someday.

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I love chocolate cake! One question, though: by one square of margarine do you mean one stick?


Lisa Hjulberg

P.S. I especially loved that you used that card of hooks in your sewing page... an awesome touch.


Your book is beautiful. You and your daughter will treasure it for years to come!


Alison Behan

What a gorgeous book Melissa! Love the shabby look, so gentle and easy on the eye.

Just wanted to ask you what weight is a square of Margarine? I can cope with the rest of the ingredients but that one has me stumped (being in Ireland and all that ;-))

Mandy Ni B

breathtaking, what a wonderful keepsake! so inspiring!
thanks so much for sharing your chocolate cake recipe, I am going to give it a go later today with my little one, she is home ill from school today, will cheer wonderfully, nothing better than a chocolate smeared face!!


Hi... love this album, it is beautiful. whose letters did you use on the cover?
also I'm glad to see that someone else needed to know the same thing as me on the recipe - how much is a square of margarine?

Amy Smith

Love the mini sweet! And the chocolate cake sounds delicious....but what is one square of margarine? Love your site!

Kay Sibley

This is truly a masterpiece that your daughter will cherish forever!

Thank you for the chocolate cake recipe! Yes, chocolate cake is my favorite!! I'm so glad you had a special Father's Day! ♥♥ Kay


Thanks for sharing your art and recipe..I have a question...What is a square of margine? Is it a pat or one oz maybe..I never heard of any measurement like that...I can't wait to try this!


Absolutely beautiful!!!! So sweet!!!! I'm glad that you had a wonderful Father's day!! My Mom used to make me a cake from scratch called Aunt Minnie's Chocolate cake and it's my favorite!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Kendra - SCS: apigonfire

You are one amazing artist! Love all of your creations!

Mary Anne

I too am left wondering what a Square of chocolate first thought was a tablespoon of butter, which is square..but that can't be right..did a pound or half pound of butter used to come in squares?


Very much I love your blog and your works. They gentle and very beautiful. Thanks you for inspiration


Beautiful! I love all the lacy frills and such!


Delightful little book!

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